Sometimes there will be an event such as:

  • Bow Week
  • Recovery Week
  • Spear Week
  • Sword Week
  • Magic Week
  • Axe Week

For this reason most players hang onto all their Patterns (especially Pattern of Elite Race)  for just such an event,

For this type of week only turning a hime into a brush will give higher than normal stats. To see more information on how to make an element brush (turn a hime into a brush), go to the Brushes and Medicines page and scroll to the bottom or look at Spirit of Five Elements .

Table of Hime to Brush

Hime Rarity Non-Event Brush Value Event Brush Value
Elite Brush +3 Brush-Upper +5


Brush-Low +10 Brush-Mid +15
Variant Elite


Brush-Mid +15 Brush-High +20

Brush-High +20 Brush-Secret +30
Extremely Rare


Brush-Secret +30 Brush-Sky +35
Superior Extremely Rare    Brush-Intellect +40 Brush-Honor +45
Variant Superior Brush-Honor +45 Brush-Satoru +50

Note* This guide is useful until you gather soooo many Cherry and Apricot that you don't know what to do with them; then of course you will have a different scheme. 

Let's look at Recovery Week (for beginners)Edit

For Pattern of Basic Race do 'Special Unity' on them to obtain an Elite hime. If you are happy with the +5 then you could just stop there and turn the Elite hime into a brush. For those players who want to take the gamble, you could level up those Elites and unity to either a Rare or V-Elite for a +15 or +20 brush.

So, for instance, if it is  Recovery  Week.... any Elite, Rare, V-Elite, Superior, or ExRare  Recovery   hime that you obtain can be turned into an element brush (fire, gold, earth, water) and that can be 'fed' to the hime of your choice to add to her element stats...... See Stat Caps

Again, if it is Recovery  Week:

Turning Kisshouten into a brush would give you a +5 brush of the element of your choice, but if you'd like to continue:

Note: during [Attribute] week the amount of unity materials needed will be lowered for the featured [Attribute] himes (There is an extra 10% success rate added to the usual base success rate). Also, the Shrine of Mage will  give out 2 Spirit of Five Elements instead of the regular 1.