Defeated in Battle?
  • You will not get rewards for that floor
  • You still receive items for overcoming previous floors
  • Your Shikihime will be sent back to the garden with 1 HP

Subjugation and Endless Inferno Guide

Property 01

Attack type/attributes Edit

Bow/Spear -> Magic/Recovery/Sprite -> Sword/Axe -> Bow/Spear

Attacks get 1.2 damage multiplier on type advantage, and 0.6 damage multiplier on type disadvantage.

For more details refer to the Damage Formula


If you have more than 5 himes:

Place the battle himes in the front rank, and say 1 or 2 healers in the back. Right before you are about to win that battle, swap the two healers in. Before the next round, swap them back out. This works out because you avoid randomness by swapping out two himes each time.

You can also use swapping in certain dungeons.


Front: 3 sword 2 spear

Back: 2 magic nuker 1 magic healer

Say on floor 1 you meet a MAGIC monster.

Since bows/spears are stronger you don’t need to do anything with those. The swords are weak to them however, so you can swap out 3 swords for the magics.

Say instead you met 2 spears.

You would want to fight with 2 spears and 3 swords, and keep the magic safe.