Map Two Subjugations

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"This castle is famous for its invincible defense.
I heard that a general has had a profound hatred of
the castle due to unable to seize it
and turned himself into a demon.
This is also a connecting point to other places."

Exp 1000 1400
Floors 4
Rooms 1
You will receive (via Subjugation Quest) a Gold Ticket for clearing this subjugation. It will also unlock Lair of Four-legged Beasts. You will also reach Player Lv [10].
Castle of Fame

Note* [Two new challenges will also be unlocked: Endless Inferno and Pandemonium]
Requirement to Unlock:
Clear the quest [Defeat Fire Soul at Deserted Mine!]
This subjugation is fairly challenging, and will require strong Hime.


Since this the final dungeon before opening up Map Three, the waves stay the same each floor.
Floor 1:

  • Karakasa x2 Bow (HP:576 ; STR:440 ; DEF:75 ; AGI:130 )
    (Hits very hard - most Hime die in 1 or 2 hits. How RNG treats you on this floor can often decide whether you clear the map.)

Floor 2:

  • Hizama x3 Spear (HP:600 ; STR:156 ; DEF:90 ; AGI:300 )
    (Hizamas will doubletap any Hime with less than 151 AGI. However, their damage output is fairly low if they cannot doubletap.)

Floor 3:

  • Gama Sword *AoE* (HP:380 ; STR:130 ; DEF:60 ; AGI:120) / Yukiwarashi Magic *AoE* (HP:266 ; STR:440 ; DEF:40 ; AGI:130)
    (The key to this floor is killing them both fast enough that your spears still have enough hp to take on the boss. So, melee himes that are still alive on reaching this floor should fight to the death to shield your spears from damage.)

Floor 4, Boss:

  • Boss: Fire Soul Magic *AoE* (HP:1600 ; STR:150 ; DEF:88 ; AGI:134)
    (Fairly easy if you still have a few spears with high hp left.)


Fire Soul

Floor 1Edit

Floor 2Edit

  • Encountered Monster Cards
  • 170 Coins (Bronze)
  • 520 Coins (Silver)

Floor 3Edit

  • Encountered Monster Cards
  • 100 Coins (Bronze)
  • 720 Coins (Silver)

Final FloorEdit

  • Encountered Monster Cards
  • 1640 Coins (Bronze)
  • 3020 Coins (Silver)


If using only Hime: 5x Swords in the front rank, 5x Spears in the back rank. You can opt to switch out a couple of spears for bows/mages/etc, but spears are the most suited to fighting the boss.

However, that requires you to have strengthened your melee Hime beyond their base stats (via meds, brushes, etc).

Alternatively, you can create 5x Invincible Skeletons for the front rank. combined with the boost from bronze statues, they can easily clear the first two floors and deal a good amount of damage to the third.

Tondilew clear Castle of Fame Shikihime Garden

Tondilew clear Castle of Fame Shikihime Garden