Element Cap is a Bonus to the stats that can be only be obtained with Element Brushes

(planning note for wiki contributors - key points to write about - which hime to brush, what stats to brush, when to brush, how to brush for best results, value of card vs stats gained, etc tbc ]

The Element Cap can be increased when you rank up your hime or by Element Cap Release.

Base Element Caps (+0 only):

Basic 10 10 10 10 1
Variant Basic 20 20 10 20 2
Elite 30 30 20 30 2
Rare 40 40 20 40 3
Variant Elite 50 50 30 50 3
Foreign 80 80 50 80 5
Superior 100 100 60 100 4
Extremely Rare 120 120 70 120 5
Foreign Rare 130 130 80 130 5
Superior Ex. Rare 140 140 90 140 6
Ultimate Extremely Rare 170 170 100 170 7

Note - Tiers higher than the above mentioned, and most Special Edition Hime, +some Chibi Hime, each have their own Element Caps.

Element Cap Release (or Five Element Release, 五行解放)Edit

In short, it's a process of increasing a hime type's element cap (by using Silver).

This can be done by clicking the [五行解放] button located above a hime's portrait in Card List, or by going to that specific hime's catalog page and clicking the same [五行解放] button at bottom-right.

Doing this requires a certain amount of Silver, which is stated in each hime's wiki page, ranging from 6000 Silver (basic tier) to 60000 Silver (ult foreign exrare tier and above).

Once done, this applies to all the same hime cards of that kind (eg. all normal Kogarasumaru cards). This however, only increases the element cap of the hime, it does not give actual stats, you will still need to use element brushes to increase the stats.

Element Cap Release for most hime will be +50 HP | +50 ATK | +30 DEF | +50 AGI | +3 REC
(REC stat will only affect recovery hime, other types will get 0 rec)

You can see if a hime has already had element cap release in their own catalog page.

Keeping TrackEdit

Below is a photo of my list of Himes that are in the process of having their Element Stats maxed. (When I have purchased the Element Cap Release to it's max  it will say '+6 Brush'.... kinda of a throw-back to the Brush of (Hime) days)

But note that it is possible (if you don't have enough silver) to not fully max the Release; it's best to check the catologue to be certain ei: Amanojyaku Setsubun (bottom hime) ... she was an early-game hime and I was brushing her for pande... the 6th brush would only increase her defense therefore I have never continued brushing.

Having enough silver is not an issue this far into the game.... if ur running short, try selling some Skill Books

As you can see I am currently working on making a Cho Freya  and have already purchased the (+6 Brush) Element Release I need (for Freya) but I will still need to purchase the same for Cho Freya (via catologue) just in case I forget to do that before unity. 


I used to brush the Atk only/first, but now that I have a great pande team it doesn't much matter anymore.