Note* There is also an Five-Element Strengthening Event in which these drop at differing locations than in regular game play.

Name Item Where to Obtained
Fire Element Fragment
Fire Frag

-Training Cave
-Mountain Watch Tower
-Lair of Four-legged Beasts
-Shrine Covered in Miasma
-Entrance to Snow Land

Water Element Fragment
Water Frag
Gold Element Fragment
Gold Frag
Earth Element Fragment
Earth Frag
Wood Element Fragment 
Wood Element Frag

Trade QuestsEdit

Quest Name Condtion Reward Difficulty Notes
Bring 20 Fire Element Fragment
Contribute Fire Element Fragment x20
Brush of Fire
Bring 30 Fire Element Fragment
Contribute Fire Element Fragment x30
Brush of Fire・Upper
Bring 60 Fire Element Fragment
Contribute Fire Element Fragment x60
Brush of Fire・Low
Bring 90 Fire Element Fragment
Contribute Fire Element Fragment x90
Brush of Fire・Mid
Bring 20 Gold Element Fragment
Contribute Gold Element Fragment x20
Brush of Gold
Bring 30 Gold Element Fragment
Contribute Gold Element Fragment x30
Brush of Gold・Upper
Bring 60 Gold Element Fragment
Contribute Gold Element Fragment x60
Brush of Gold・Low
Bring 90 Gold Element Fragment
Contribute Gold Element Fragment x90
Brush of Gold・Mid
Bring 20 Earth Element Fragment
Contribute Earth Element Fragment x20
Brush of Earth
Bring 30 Earth Element Fragment
Contribute Earth Element Fragment x30
Brush of Earth・Upper
Bring 60 Earth Element Fragment
Contribute Earth Element Fragment x60
Brush of Earth・Low
Bring 90 Earth Element Fragment
Contribute Earth Element Fragment x90
Brush of Earth・Mid
Bring 20 Water Element Fragment
Contribute Water Element Fragment x20
Brush of Water
Bring 30 Water Element Fragment
Contribute Water Element Fragment x30
Brush of Water・Upper
Bring 60 Water Element Fragment
Contribute Water Element Fragment x60
Brush of Water・Low
Bring 90 Water Element Fragment
Contribute Water Element Fragment x90
Brush of Water・Mid
Bring 20 Wood Element Fragment
Contribute Wood Element Fragment x20
Brush of Wood
Bring 30 Wood Element Fragment
Contribute Wood Element Fragment x30
Brush of Wood・Low
Bring 50 Wood Element Fragment
Contribute Wood Element Fragment x50
Brush of Wood・Mid