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Newest Element Fragment EventEdit

During the two-week event, Event Guild Boss Hunting and Elemental Week(one-week) event. There is now only 1 place per map to farm 

Underworld Passage  Map One Map Two Map Three Map Four Map Five
all floors Training Cave Mountain Watch Tower Lair of Four-legged Beasts Shrine Covered in Miasma Entrance to Snow Land
All Element Fragments All Element Fragments All Element Fragments All Element Fragments All Element Fragments All Element Fragments

Original Element Fragment EventEdit

An event which  encouraged players to strengthen their Hime with element brushes. Element Week increases the stat gain from brushes and increases the number of battles available at the Shrine of Mage , allowing players to potentially produce more brushes.

Full details can be viewed in the original announcement.[1]

Note: This list is accurate as of Dec 9th (repeat event)

Element FragmentsEdit

First introduced in this event, Element Fragments allow players to farm element brushes directly by grinding on the subjugation maps.

20 fragments are required to trade in for one brush. The reward is a 'normal' +3 brush (+4 for this event).

During this event, 5 subjugation points per map may drop the fragments for a total of 20 locations as detailed below:

Fragment Map One Map Two Map Three Map Four
Fire (Atk) Dragon Temple Lion Temple Fire Dragon Temple Abandoned Village With Lamplight
Gold (Def) Fort of Swordsman Deserted Mine Shrine of Black Smoke Cave of Mermaids
Earth (Hp) Cave of Challenges Connecting City of Madarame Plain Abandoned Watch Tower Shrine Leading to Dragon King's Palace
Water (Agi) Big Lake Marsh Poisonous Marsh Castle of Recovery
Wood (Rec) Forest of Herb Graveyard Forest Fort of Spearman Blustery Mountain Top
Drop  %

Bronze ~ ?%
Silver ~16%
Gold ~ 50%

Bronze ~ 40%
Silver ~ ?%
Gold ~ 100%

~ 100% 0~2 Fragments

Element fragment map

Thanks go to Kaguya for translation checks.