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Monster CardsEdit

Getting Monster CardsEdit


You have a chance of receiving monsters you have defeated when you finish a floor.

  • You can sometimes receive monsters you did not even fight, and certain monsters will not drop in certain dungeons even if you fight them often. (ex 3 legged raven in silver mines))


Each bronze summon has 98% chance of giving you a monster and a 2% chance of giving a basic hime. (give you a variant basic on Events only!)

Using Monster CardsEdit

Battle Edit

  • Monster cards can be placed in your deck and used in battle just like Hime cards.
  • Unlike himes, when a monster dies in battle, the player loses that card.
  • Monsters cannot be healed with food or god wine, but they can be healed by healers in the course of battle.


  • Monsters can be used to give himes experience by "fusing exp".
  • Himes cannot complete a level in combat or travel, so fusing is required.
  • Each monster will give a different base amount of exp, plus 100xp per level.

Unity Material Edit

  • Monsters can be used as material in a special unity.
  • The most commonly needed monsters are for Basic to Elite Unity.

Unity Enhancer Edit

  • Monsters can be used to increase the chance of a successful unity,
  • Monsters give a success rate increase equal to their AP cost, up to a maximum of 5%.
  • Some monsters increase their cost and success bonus when they are leveled up.

Selling Monsters Edit

  • You can sell monsters by clicking on the coin to in front of their name in the card menu.
  • Each monster card will sell for 500-650 coins, so it is often worth it to sell monsters.
  • All monsters generally sell for the same amount, so sell the ones without high unity or exp values.

List of MonstersEdit

NOTE: There are no monster with names that begins with the letters Q, and X. (at least for now)

Icon Name Attack attribute
AkadenchuThumb Akadenchu Spear
AnzuApricotSpriteThumb Anzu Apricot Sprite Sprite
ApricotSpiritThumb Apricot Spirit Sprite
AvatarThumb Arrow Avatar of Yoichi Bow
BearerThumb Arrow Bearer of Yoichi Bow
SpiritThumb Arrow Spirit of Yoichi Bow
SpriteThumb Arrow Sprite of Yoichi Bow
AvatarThumb Axe Avatar of War God Axe
BearerThumb Axe Bearer of War God Axe
SpiritThumb Axe Spirit of War God Axe
SpriteThumb Axe Sprite of War God Axe
AunThumb Aun Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
BadgerThumb Badger Sprite
BeanBeaverThumb Bean Beaver Axe
BeanRacoonThumb Bean Racoon Spear
BeautySpiderThumb Beauty Spider Sprite
BeaverKid(Blue)Thumb Beaver Kid Blue Axe
BeaverKid(Red)Thumb Beaver Kid Red Spear
BeaverKid(Yellow)Thumb Beaver Kid Yellow Sprite
BlackCarpThumb Black Carp Sprite
BlueCrabThumb Blue Crab Sprite
BlueDemonThumb Blue Demon Axe
BlueRunningLanternThumb Blue Running Lantern Bow
BoneRoninThumb Bone Ronin Sword
BoneSamuraiThumb Bone Samurai Sword
BuffaloDemonThumb Buffalo Demon Axe
Icon Name Attack attribute
CassowaryThumb Cassowary Sprite
CentipedeThumb Centipede Bow
ChildKappaThumb Child Kappa Magic
ChildSarugamiThumb Child Sarugami Magic
ChimiThumb Chimi Sprite
ChimpanzeeThumb Chimpanzee Spear
CrimsonLanternThumb Crimson Lantern Spear
Icon Name Attack attribute
DancingHeadThumb Dancing Head Sprite
DarkThanatosThumb Dark Thanatos Axe
DemonBearThumb Demon Bear Axe
AvatarThumb Demon Blade Avatar Sword
BearerThumb Demon Blade Bearer Sword
SpiritThumb Demon Blade Spirit Sword
SpriteThumb Demon Blade Sprite Sword
DemonHeadThumb Demon Head Bow
DogSpiritThumb Dog Spirit Sprite
DragonPalaceBodyguardThumb Dragon Palace Bodyguard Sword
DragonPalaceEnvoyThumb Dragon Palace Envoy Spear
DragonPalaceImperialGuardThumb Dragon Palace Imperial Guard Magic
DragonPalaceKeeperThumb Dragon Palace Keeper Spear
Icon Name Attack attribute
EarthSpiderThumb Earth Spider Sword
EboshiBonitoThumb Eboshi Bonito Recovery
EchoingSpiritThumb Echoing Spirit Sprite
Eight-forkedSerpentThumb Eight-forked Serpent Sprite
EvilClothThumb Evil Cloth Sprite
EvilDirtThumb Evil Dirt Bow
EvilDirt2Thumb Evil Dirt 2 Axe
EvilMaidenThumb Evil Maiden Axe
EvilSkullThumb Evil Skull Axe
EvilSmokeThumb Evil Smoke Sprite
EvilSmokeGreenThumb Evil Smoke - Green Bow
EvilSmokeBlueThumb Evil Smoke - Blue Sprite
EvilSmokeRedThumb Evil Smoke - Red Sword
EvilSnailThumb Evil Snail Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
FireDemonThumb Fire Demon Sword
FireDragonThumb Fire Dragon Spear
FireFoxThumb Fire Fox Sword
FireSoulThumb Fire Soul Magic
FireWolfThumb Fire Wolf Bow
FiveVirtueCatThumb Five Virtue Cat Spear
AvatarThumb Forbidden Magic Avatar Magic
BearerThumb Forbidden Magic Bearer Magic
SpiritThumb Forbidden Magic Spirit Magic
SpriteThumb Forbidden Magic Sprite Magic
FourBeastsInOneThumb Four Beasts in One Bow
FudagaeshiThumb Fudagaeshi Magic
FuhakuThumb Fuhaku Sprite
FuriThumb Furi Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
GamaThumb Gama Sword
GhostCatThumb Ghost Cat Magic
GhostCatHarlotThumb Ghost Cat Harlot Recovery
GhostCatPerformerThumb Ghost Cat Performer Sprite
GhostSandalThumb Ghost Sandal Magic
GhostShipSpiritThumb Ghost Ship Spirit Sprite
GiantBoarThumb Giant Boar Axe
GiantCatfishThumb Giant Catfish Sprite
GiantClamThumb Giant Clam Sword
GiantHogThumb Giant Hog Axe
GiantOctopusThumb Giant Octopus Sword
GionSharkThumb Gion Shark Sword
GionShark2Thumb Gion Shark 2 Sword
GoldenFlowerCatThumb Golden Flower Cat Sword
GoldCrowThumb Golden Bird Bow
GoldFireThumb Gold Fire Sword
GoldRyomaThumb Gold Ryoma Spear
Icon Name Attack attribute
HakutakuThumb Hakutaku Spear
HanzakiThumb Hanzaki Sprite
HanaumeThumb Hanaume Sprite
HeikeCrabThumb Heike Crab Bow
HinatenguThumb Hinatengu Spear
HinukanThumb Hinukan Sprite
HikyuThumb Hikyu Sprite
HizamaThumb Hizama Spear
HoanThumb Hoan Sword
HoukouThumb Houkou Magic
Hundred-eyedDemonThumb Hundred-eyed Demon Bow
Icon Name Attack attribute
IceLanternThumb Ice Lantern Spear
IceMaidenThumb Ice Maiden Magic
InvincibleSkeletonThumb Invincible Skeleton Sword
IronRatThumb Iron Rat Sword
ItachiThumb Itachi Sword
ItsumadenThumb Itsumaden Spear
InariThumb Inari Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
JadeRabbitThumb Jade Rabbit Axe
Icon Name Attack attribute
KamaitachiThumb Kamaitachi Sword
KamaitachiTheFirstThumb Kamaitachi - The First Spear
KamaitachiTheSecondThumb Kamaitachi - The Second Sword
KamaitachiTheThirdThumb Kamaitachi - The Third Recovery
KappaThumb Kappa Sword
KarakasaThumb Karakasa Bow
KaruratenThumb Karuraten Sword
KawausoThumb Kawauso Bow
KeukegenThumb Keukegen Magic
KijimunaThumb Kijimuna Sprite
KillingStoneAvatarThumb Killing Stone Avatar Sprite
KillingStoneFairyThumb Killing Stone Fairy Sprite
KillingStoneGreatFairyThumb Killing Stone Great Fairy Sprite
KSGreatSprite1Thumb Killing Stone Great Sprite・1 Sprite
KSGreatSprite2Thumb Killing Stone Great Sprite・2 Sprite
KillingStoneSpriteThumb Killing Stone Sprite Sprite
KinnaraThumb Kinnara Magic
KodamaThumb Kodama Bow
KodamaRatThumb Kodama Rat Sword
KookaburraThumb Kookaburra Bow
KoufukuThumb Koufuku Bow
KudanThumb Kudan Bow
KukunochiThumb Kukunochi Bow
Icon Name Attack attribute
LivingFogThumb Living Fog Spear
LuckCatThumb Luck Cat Magic
Icon Name Attack attribute
MekurabeThumb Mekurabe Magic
MermaidThumb Mermaid Magic
MountainWolfThumb Mountain Wolf Sword
MouryouThumb Mouryou Sprite
Multi-tailEvilFoxThumb Multi-tail Evil Fox Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
NarakuIsonadeThumb Naraku Isonade Spear
NarwhalThumb Narwhal Spear
NetCutterThumb Net Cutter Spear
NocturnalFootThumb Nocturnal Foot Sprite
NoFaceEvilThumb No Face Evil Spear
NueThumb Nue Sword
Nue2Thumb Nue 2 Sprite
NurikabeThumb Nurikabe Axe
NiraiBaseThumb Nirai Base Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
KodamaRatThumb Oodama Rat Sword
OilReturnSpiritThumb Oil Return Spirit Sprite
OkurisuzumeThumb Okurisuzume Sword
OldRatThumb Old Rat Spear
File:OniKuiThumb.png Onikuitengu Sword
One-eyedPriestThumb One-eyed Priest Axe
One-leggedBellowsThumb One-legged Bellows Axe
OshiraThumb Oshira Spear
OtohimeThumb Otohime Recovery
OtterThumb Otter Sword
Icon Name Attack attribute
PaperLanternThumb Paper Lantern Spear
PeachSpirit1Thumb Peach Spirit・1 Sprite
PeachSpirit2Thumb Peach Spirit・2 Sprite
AvatarThumb Precious Spear Avatar Spear
BearerThumb Precious Spear Bearer Spear
SpiritThumb Precious Spear Spirit Spear
SpriteThumb Precious Spear Sprite Spear
Icon Name Attack attribute
RainMaidenThumb Rain Maiden Sprite
RedBeanThumb Red Bean Magic
RedCarpThumb Red Carp Sword
RedDemonThumb Red Demon Axe
RedPriestThumb Red Priest Bow
RedPriest2Thumb Red Priest 2 Axe
RedTigerThumb Red Tiger Axe
RockHeadThumb Rock Head Sprite
RokurokubiThumb Rokurokubi Sprite
RyomaThumb Ryoma Spear
Icon Name Attack attribute
SakuraSpiritThumb Sakura Spirit Sprite
SarugamiThumb Sarugami Sword
SeaDevilThumb Sea Devil Sprite
ShadowofTamamonomaeThumb Shadow of Tamamonomae Sprite
ShirotenguThumb Shirotengu Bow
ShoukeraThumb Shoukera Bow
SkullSpiderThumb Skull Spider Sword
SmallFortuneCatThumb Small Fortune Cat Sprite
SnowMaidenThumb Snow Maiden Sprite
SnowPriestThumb Snow Priest Axe
SoulSeizingSwordThumb Soul Seizing Sword Sprite
SpiritOfGhostWorldThumb Spirit of Ghost World Magic
SpiritOfWaterThumb Spirit of Water Spear
StoneLionThumb Stone Lion Sprite
SuikoThumb Suiko Sprite
SumikowarashiThumb Sumikowarashi Sprite
SunekosuriThumb Sunekosuri Magic
SuzuhikohimeThumb Suzuhikohime Bow
SuccubusThumb Succubus Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
TapirThumb Tapir Axe
TanukibayashiThumb Tanukibayashi Axe
Thousand-yearBambooThumb Thousand-year Bamboo Axe
Three-eyedPriestThumb Three-eyed Priest Sword
Three-leggedRavenThumb Three-legged Raven Bow
ThunderGodThumb Thunder God Magic
ThunderBeastThumb Thunder Beast Sprite
TonchiThumb Tonchi Spear
TonosamaFrogThumb Tonosama Frog Sprite
TsuchinokoThumb Tsuchinoko Spear
TubeFoxThumb Tube Fox Spear
TurbanShellDemonThumb Turban Shell Demon Recovery
Icon Name Attack attribute
AvatarThumb Underworld Avatar Recovery
BearerThumb Underworld Bearer Recovery
SpiritThumb Underworld Spirit Recovery
SpriteThumb Underworld Sprite Recovery
UnknownFireThumb Unknown Fire Sword
Icon Name Attack attribute
VarunaThumb Varuna Magic
Icon Name Attack attribute
WairaThumb Waira Axe
WaterDragonThumb Water Dragon Bow
WaterSpriteThumb Water Sprite Spear
WheelPriestThumb Wheel Priest Sprite
WhiteSwellThumb White Swell Sprite
WildBoarCubThumb Wild Boar Cub Axe
WildFireThumb Wild Fire Sword
WildMaceThumb Wild Mace Axe
Icon Name Attack attribute
YamaneThumb Yamane Sword
YamaoroshiThumb Yamaoroshi Sword
Yamaoroshi2Thumb Yamaoroshi 2 Bow
YukiwarashiThumb Yukiwarashi Magic
YuzuSpiritThumb Yuzu Spirit Sprite
Icon Name Attack attribute
ZanThumb Zan Sword

Guild BossesEdit

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