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The term RNG means Random Number Generator..... You will hear the phrase 'This RNG hates me!' a lot on world chat. This basically refers to the chances of getting the hardest mobs (to beat) when subjugating a dungeon that has randomized waves of encounters.

Many times you can get just plain lucky as well.... and you'll sail through a dungeon and onto the next [player] level because the RNG gods have smiled upon you and your good fortune means you've gotten the easiest waves possible or your Himes worked the way they're supposed to (in a perfect world.)

It can also refer to the chances to get an item to 'drop' or that desired Hime to be summoned from  tickets.

RNG god refers to ...... you just got trolled!!! You got the very monster that will make this dungeon almost impossible to beat. See: Marsh , Lion Temple , Fort of Spearman, Castle of Fame etc.