Top Ranking
Every week, starting from 03:00 am server time on Wednesday and ending on the same time the following week, there are several subjugations which are highlighted (similar to limited access subjugations) as see on Battle Ranking Page. Ranked Subjugations and you will be rewarded based on your ranking in there. The rewards will be received by in-game mails at 05:00 am server time on the same day of ranking reset.

There are 2 types of Ranked Subjugations:

  • Total No. of Clears - you are ranked based on how many times you finish the boss(es) of these subjugations.
  • Total Damage Dealt - you are ranked based on how much damage your himes dealt in these subjugations.
Type Rank Reward No. of Subjugations
Total No. of Clears 1st Silver x5000 5
2nd~10th Silver x3000
11th~30th Silver x1000
31st~100th Silver x500
1st Yuzu x5 1 (Hidden)
2nd~50th Yuzu x3
51th~100th Yuzu x1
Total Damage Dealt 1st Gold x3000 2
2nd~10th Gold x2000
11th~30th Gold x500
1st Killing Stone Fragments x1000 1
2nd~10th Killing Stone Fragments x800
11th~30th Killing Stone Fragments x500

Hidden Ranked SubjugationEdit

Similar to Silver Ranked Subjugations, the ranking is based on number runs completed during the week with the exception that it is hidden and only revealed after the ranking ends.

Statistically, the Hidden Ranked Subjugations followed these 'rules':

In general, get into Top 100 of each of the subjugations in Map 1 and Map 2 while follow the 'rules' mentioned above will usually guarantee being ranked for the Hidden Ranked Subjugations. Ideally, run enough for the Top 50 is recommended and of course, take 1st rank where possible.