Shikigarden English and Other Appirits Games
This wiki was originally for the English version of Shikihime Garden, which was closed on December the 13th, 2016. It continues to be updated for English-speaking players of the Japanese version.

Other Appirits titles are still available to play such as:

English-speaking players may also be interested in joining this player-made Appirits games Discord community: If this link does not work, feel free to contact User:Karob2.
Shikihime fanatics can find an index of many of their favorite himes as well as other interesting things such as Japanese 4koma at the official Shikihime Project website (Japanese):

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Welcome to Shikihime Garden Wikia made by the players for the English version release of the game.

Shikihime Garden is a unique and fun browser-based flash game that combines casual RPG & CCG style gameplay with cute anime girls (Shikihime) who live in a garden that you personally maintain and look after. The game is created and published by Japanese company Appirits.

We hope our contribution here will help with as many questions both new and old players may have

Enjoy your stay!

And thank you for any contribution <3

New to Shikihime?

What's silver for? How do I get new himes? How do I do unions? What is the secret of eternal life? Most of these are answered in the Beginner's guide.

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Official Links for EN Shikihime Players: (Server Closed)

Main Website for Shikihime Garden Game (EN ver.)

Facebook Fan Page & Updates (EN)

Google+ Fan Page & Updates (EN)

Contact the Shikihime Support Team Here (EN)

Links to Official JP Shikihime Sites:

Main Website for Shikihime Garden Game (JP ver.)

Twitter (JP)

Shikihime Garden for iOS (JP ver.)(Server Closed)

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