The Spirit of Five Elements is an item that is a guaranteed reward (x1) upon the completion of a successful Shrine of Mage subjugation. Because the Shrine of Mage is a Daily Dungeon, you may only attempt it - win or lose - up to 10 times per day.

Name Item Effect Obtained
Spirit of Five Elements
Spirit of five elements
Trade Quests:

Note - Although there have been special events (such as Five-Element Strengthening Event) where the amount of times you may run the dungeon was raised, the 'most' rewards you can get from this dungeon per day are usually limited to 10.

Q: What is the Spirit of Five Elements for? A:

  • It can be turned into one of Four Elements (the Fifth is currently missing...) in the Trade Quests tab. These elements are Fire, Gold, Earth, Water. Each corresponds to a certain stat:
    Fire = ATK, Gold = DEF, Earth = HP and Water = AGI.
  • The element of your choice may then be used to create a Brush that can then be applied to your hime so that they may gain more stats.
  • If you are a new player, it is advisable to stock up on the Elements if you can, even if you can't afford to make and use 10 brushes per day, eventually you'll find having a stash of them to be useful. For an explanation of how they work and to avoid making any mistakes, try reading the guide to Brushes and Medicine.
  • While it isn't recommended, Weekly Trials allow you to turn in 10 Elements of a kind for the corresponding Element Brush