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Quiz ListEdit

Note - Answers are subjected to change with new contents release.

Question Answer
Shikihime related
What weapon does Kurama use before evolving to Karura?
  • Fan
How many tails does Kuzunoha have?
  • 9
What is the color of Kuzunoha's tails?
  • Light Lavender
Which Shikihime wears an eyepatch?
  • Nata
Which Shikihime can fly in the garden?
  • Tensen
How many himes have been released so far?
  • 94
Which of the following Shikihime has blonde hair?
  • Phoenix
What is the initial Unity success rate of [Kogarasumaru x Kogarasumaru]?
  • 80%
Who is the newest Shikihime of Bow race?
  • Cho Ensu
What do Special Sonrei and Kyuubi have that other spears don't?
  • Flowers in their hair
What do all non-Foreign sword himes have on their heads?
  • Flowers in their hair
How many Special Shikihime have been released for the Halloween event?
  • 6
What is the lowest Shikihime race that can be obtained from Rainbow Summon?
  • Variant Elite
How many Special Spear Shikihime have been released so far?
  • 6
An angel has come to the garden this Christmas. Who is she?
  • Special Fallen Angel
A Shikihime in red is rebelling! But she may cool down a bit in Christmas. Wonder who she is...
  • Special Ririmuhime
How many stories of Shikihime are there so far?
  • 39
How many races of Chibi Shikihime are there so far?
  • 4
What race does Chibi Izuna belongs to?
  • Elite
What is max level of a Chibi Shikihime?
  • 15
How many races of Shikihime are there so far?
  • 16
What is the initial Unity success rate of [Mikazuki x Mikazuki]?
  • 15%
What is the newest Shikihime race?
  • Ultimate Superior Extremely Rare Race (Old - Legendary)
Who is the Hinokagutsuchi in Shikihime Garden?
  • God of Fire
Work hard during the day, hunt souls during the night. Just who am I?
  • Thanatos
A Shikihime surrounded with smoke, sister of Sakuya? Who is she?
  • Chiru
Who is the older sister of Sakuya?
A Shikihime hidden in the legendary sword [Shutendoji], a heavy drinker. Guess who?
  • Dojigiri
Which Shikihime does not have wings?
  • Yamaten
Who is the older sister of Susanoo?
  • Amaterasu
Who is the laziest Shikihime?
  • Enma
You can create Foreign Extremely Rare - Asmodeus by combining which Shikihime?
  •  2 Ririmuhime
Which Shikihime likes wearing a bone on her head?
  • Farah
What is Shinso's favorite juice?
  • Tomato Juice
Skills related
What can unique skill of Dojigiri - Slash of Doom do? 
  • Chance to finish the enemy in one slash
What can unique skill of Sakuya - Aroma of Healing do?
  • All are Correct
Whick skill does a Shikihime need to learn to attack all enemies at once?
  • Arrow Rain
Which skill allows Shikihime to aim at enemies of Bow attribute?
  • Long Range Target
Which item boosts success rate of skill level up by 20%?
  • Brush of Skill - Low
What kind of summoning can give Shikihime with skills?
  • Gold Summon
What can special skill of Mikazuki [Slashing Frenzy] do?
  • Frighten the enemy
What is the unique skill (of other Shikihime) that Kumano can learn?
  •  God Speed
Which of the following is not a Super Rare skill?
  • Solidarity of Kinship
What is the unique skill (of other Shikihime) that Mikazuki can learn?
  • Slash of Doom
What can unique skill of Cho Oyuki - Snow Blessing do?   
  •  All are correct
Which of the following is not obtainable from Skill Summon?
  • Slashing Frenzy
    [Old - Snow Blessing]
What is the unique skill (of other Shikihime) that Amenosagume can learn?
  • Massive Attack
Subjugation related
Which monster can be found at the 29th floor of the Endless Inferno?
  • One-Eyed Priest
Which Daily Shrine appears on Thursday?
  • Yoichi Arrow
Where is the first place you can encounter the monster Kinnara?
  • Demon Lair
How many Underworld Bosses can you encounter at subjugation points?
  • 9
What subjugation point do you need to clear to reach Player Level 6?
  • Dragon Temple
Which Daily Shrine appears on Monday?
  • None is correct
Items related
How many Targets are there? 
  • 6
Which one has very sharp arrow?
  • Famous Bow
How many variations of stepping stones are there?
  • 15
How long does it take for [Pharmacy of Orihime] to give a batch of medicine?
  • 24 hours
A book in which magical spells are written, but no one can read it because it is too old. What is it?
  • Magic Book
What item do you need to devote to call boss [Fire Wolf]?
  • Food of Kato
Where can you find the item [Drum of Thunder God]?
  • Sauna of Hell
Where can you find [Morning glory]?
  • Demon Lair
Where can you find items needed for Unity of Extremely Rare Spear Shikihime?
  • Shrine of Demigod & Shrine of Precious Spear
How much does Moon Dumpling cost in the shop?
  • 1000 Silver
What does the Chinese Food stall say when it's not ready to produce food?
  • Not Yet
Which gift gives impression +1?
  • Breakfast Set
How many variations of sand ripples are there?
  • 10 (Ten)
What item do you need to devote to call boss [Special Seitentaisei]?
  • Rare Ancient Coin

Where can you get Anzu apricot bonsai?

  • Lair of Four-legged Beasts
How much does Okame Mask cost in the shop?
  • 3000 silver
What will happen if you lose a Pandemonium battle?
  • All are correct

What will you gain at higher Pandemonium ranks?

  • All are correct
Which level you need to reach to use Pandemonium?
  • 10
What is the current max level for Pandemonium?
  • 50
What is the most valuable Magatama at the present?
  • Rainbow Magatama
How long do you need to wait after calling a Guild Boss?
  • 20 hours
How many days do you need to log in consecutively to get [Gold Ticket x1]?
  • 15
How many days do you need to log in consecutively to get [Rainbow Ticket x1]?
  • 30
Which is not applicable as currency?
  • Action Point
How many kinds of Summon are there at the moment?
  • Six
Which monster can you get when using [Five virtue cat] for Unity?
  • Luck cat / Gold fire